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Bernard Plossu was born in Dalat, South Vietnam on 26 February 1945 by his French parents and was raised in Paris. It is said that at 13-a critical age of the rite of passage into adulthood, with his father he began to photograph in the Sahara Desert, where he took his first picture and began to think about becoming a photographer.
From his archive of Creative Photography Documents Finding Aid, we know that he studied philosophy at University of Paris in 1961-62.
In 1965 he began photographing professionally and completed studies at American University, Mexico City. In 1966 he joined the expedition of a group of English ethnologists to Chiapas, Mexico, reporting for magazines; then travelled in the western United States and in Africa. He has travelled constantly ever since, especially in France and Africa. In 1970, he travelled to India and started "surbanalism" to show that most obsolete and insipid stuff is surrealistic. The second year he returned Mexico and in 1972 Published Surbanalisme (Paris: Chene); his photographs began to appear in magazines. He then moved to California in the early 1970's, before settling down in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1978. Settle down
Ever since his first exhibitions "The Ghost West" in Paris and London in 1973, every year he has exhibitions in Paris and all over the world.
In 1988 his retrospective exhibition was held at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.