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Bernard Plossu began to photograph by chance in Mexico in 1965. His work coincides with the development of the contemporary French photography. His sensual pictures, with immovable and silent vibrations speak to us about the sweetness of bodies, about matter, movement and other " intermediary landscapes ". Themes as journey, space or family are often approached in a autobiographical way and we find in hes work an intimate writing, an identifiable language over the years.

His images are completely photographic posture, without any news tendency, no folklore, no exaggeration but absolutely not stodgy. As a matter of fact, they make you fully at ease; his way is sheerly respectful and free. Upon the same objects, the same limited locales, the repetitive images he defines them slowly through layers of photographs. His gaze is foreign but familiar, so his pictures make us realize that the familiar is anything but familiar. By his particular nomadic relation with the domain and the unique sense of obscure distance, he has opened new perspectives to identify and breathe vivid life to the old fashioned lifeless stuff. In his photos, the deepest understanding of life gushes out of the vulgar and tedious subjects and the elements. New Mexico Revisited, Garden of Dust, The African Desert are his typical representatives. His photo books have been collected in Art Net, Creative Photography, Photoeye bookstore and some University libraries.

« Photography speaks of all those seemingly unimportant moments
which are in fact so very important »
« Photography doesn't capture time, but evokes it. It flows endlessly like fine sand, and the changing landscapes change nothing. »
Bernard Plossu