Tirage: Unique Work
Karl-Heinz Diegner

Karl Diegner was born in 1943 in Braunsberg in Germany, he spent his childhood in the north of the country, close to Kiel. In 1963, he began studies at Engineer School of Dusseldorf, and in the same time he followed free courses at the Fine Art Academy. Back in 1968, he travelled for long stays in Paris, then in Brazil on the last 70’s where he began his artworks with alabaster. His first exhibition took place in Sao Paulo. In 1997, he settled his sculpture workshop in Lubéron in Provence (France). Today, Karl-Heinz Diegner lives and works in Cabrières-d’Avignon and Paris. He participated for some thirty exhibitions, for the last twenty years. He publishes his first book in November 2018, the Wansee‘s bather, at L’Harmattan editions. Jacques Salomé, psychosociologist and writer about K...

artworks by Karl-Heinz Diegner