Tête de Veau, 2019
Dimensions: 0ft5 x 0ft8
Tirage: Unique Work
Stéphanie Sautenet

"After a half-hearted stint at the Beaux-arts (Tours, Avignon), I began to imagine a kind of visual and dreamlike narration through collage and the production of "silent books". Then my personal creation essentially focused on drawing with colored pencils or Indian ink. I have also broadened the questioning of being through art by studying art therapy at the Jean-Pierre Klein institute. (INECAT) This teaching allowed me to accompany people in pain in their own plastic and symbolic journey (in psychiatry, psychogeriatrics and addictology) for several decades. I apprehend drawing like a blind man, space, matter, the labyrinthine universe, holding on to my pencil like a stick. A blind man, who, like Tiresias in a prophetic ritual, would try to transcribe the visual field deafened by all hi...

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