The Liberal Ocean #311, 2020
Dimensions: 2ft5 x 1ft11
Tirage: Unique Work
Hsu Ching-Yuan

Born in 1956 in a fishing village on the Penghu archipelago off Taiwan, HSU Ching-Yuan’s first contact with photography took place when he was a university student. In spite of a long interruption later on due to his endeavours as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, Hsu picked up his camera again after his retirement in 2012. Re-exploring the subject when more than 50 years old, he incorporates his experience and wisdom in life into his works with a more intuitive approach. Adhering to traditional equipment with a constant search for experimental spirit and style, he stands out from the Taiwanese paradigm of photography where the others are either fostered by contemporary art training or learn by copying from the amateur photography community. In 2017, this uniqueness made him an...

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