Born in 1967
ISE was born in 1967 in the North of France in a town called Amiens. She is the daughter of a textile engineer and therefor grew up surrounded by string. As far as she can remember she has always played around with it whether it was to assemble heteroclite materials, to weave or to draw, her needle always ahead of her pencil. It is a way for her to tell stories without having to say a word. Even though she put thread aside during her art studies, it has always been one of the founding elements in her artistic career. Technique not being taught during her studies her approach to textile is completely self-taught. Starting in 2007, fabric as a material entered the picture and started dressing her wireline structures. This period represents an experimentation phase. In 2012, scales change, her little pieces become monumental. Puppets appear, big heretic figures that give birth to the creation of scenographic devices or installations within chosen places. A dreamlike universe is progressively being built around this hybrid characters who carry poetic narratives. Little by little, in parallel to her embroidered work, a graphic and exploratory research on paper emerges, combining thread prints, embroidered dies and painting on fabric. Since 2017, she creates artworks that oscillate between sewn artist books and sophisticated reliquaries. The techniques and materials that are employed are mixt and iconoclastic when thinking of the tradition of women’s work. Ancient and precious textiles are associated with fragments of rags, silk lays side by side with string. ISE has appropriated old know-old to herself that she revisits (embossed embroidery). Embroidery becomes wild and is used for figuration. “I like to blur the tracks, to give the impression that my works escape any dating: neither completely old, nor perfectly contemporary. They refuse any inscription in history, if not mine perhaps.”
textile art